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Power Panthers - January 5, 2024

January 9, 2024

Our first group of amazing Power Panthers was introduced at the January 5, 2024 basketball game.

Power Panthers

“Power Panthers” is a student recognition program sponsored by the Cabot Panther Foundation and the Cabot School District. The program honors students in the third through sixth grades who have demonstrated the power and motivation to improve or excel in academics, behavior, or citizenship.

Power Panthers
Power Panthers

Students receiving this honor are nominated by a building administrator or staff member. Every Power Panther receives tickets to attend the basketball game, a Power Panther t-shirt, and coupons for the concession stand.

Before being recognized on the basketball court, students gathered in the Fine Arts Auditorium to hear from Superintendent Dr. Tony Thurman. Dr. Thurman welcomed students and parents.

Power Panthers
Power Panthers

Pat Hagge with the Panther Foundation, Cabot School Board President Sarah Owen,  as well as Cabot High School Forensics & Debate Coach Breanne Selah and her students, Maddie Rivera, Shelbi Cox, Karly Elliott, and Ryan James spoke to our Power Panthers about hard work and making good choices.

Power Panthers

We are very proud of this great group of students. Congratulations and go “Power Panthers!”

A special thank you to Owen Orthodontics for also sponsoring our Power Panther t-shirts and to the Miller Family for providing the awesome Power Panthers signs for our students to hold during photographs!


Ppwer Panthers: Jan. 5, 2024
Power Panthers - Jan. 5, 2024 Cont.

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