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Reminder: District Wide Spring Testing Dates

March 30, 2012

Throughout the month of April and the first of May, students and teachers across the District will be participating in a variety of state mandated tests. 

Parents and students, please mark these dates in your calendar and be sure to come with a No. 2 pencil, a full stomach, and a good night's rest!

Attendance on each day of the test is imperative to a student's success. All tests are conducted in the morning.  Please reschedule any other appointments that may prevent your student from being present on the days of their exams.  

April 2-3: Iowa Test of Basic Skills for 1st grade 2nd grade
April 3:  Iowa Test of Educational Development for 9th grade
April 9-13: Augmented Benchmark Exams for grades 3-8
April 17-18: Geometry End of Course Exam
April 24-25: Biology End of Course Exam
May 8-9: Algebra I End of Course Exam

For more information regarding testing please contact Linda Payne, Director of Professional Development and Testing at 501.843.3363 x.1038

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