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Cabot Scholarship Foundation Awards Seniors $147,200 In Scholarships

May 4, 2022

The Cabot Scholarship Foundation has done it again. The foundation has awarded a record 131 local scholarships totatling $147,200! Scholarships are provided by community members, businesses, and even Cabot School District employees.

Cabot Scholarship Foundation
Cabot Scholarship Foundation

In fact, district employees funded 17 scholarships worth a total of $17,000! The Cabot Panther Foundation awarded 11 scholarships worth a total of $11,000! Scholarships are for seniors planning to attend two and four year colleges, technical schools, and vocational schools.

Cabot Scholarship Foundation
Cabot Scholarship Foundation

Students were awarded the scholarships in a ceremony held at the Cabot High School Fine Arts Auditorium. The honorary guest for the night was Donna Nash.  As a teacher, Ms. Nash spent more than 30 years in the classroom, 24 of those years right here with the Cabot School District, before retiring in May of 2001. Her late husband, Brooks Nash, was also an educator and retired after serving as principal at Cabot Junior High South. 

Donna Nash
Donna Nash

After retirement, Ms. Nash continued to serve our community and our students as a volunteer. To this day, you will find her volunteering in our schools, brightening the days of many students and staff.  In 2011, Ms. Nash was elected to the Cabot School Board, where she served for 10 years. 

Ms. Nash is an active member of the Cabot United Methodist Church.  She has two grown and married children.  Ms. Nash’s daughter, Brooklyn, is married to Ron Grimm.  Her son, Mike Nash, is an assistant principal at Cabot Junior High North and is married to Mary Emily.  She takes joy in her three grandchildren:  Tyler Grimm, a senior in high school in Little Rock, and Collins and K.B. Nash who both attend Cabot schools. Ms. Nash has called Cabot home since 1976 .

Cabot Scholarship Foundation

The Cabot Scholarship Foundation was established in 1990 to raise funds for college scholarships for Cabot students. Since 1990, the foundation has awarded 1,548 scholarships for a total dollar amount of $1,630,500!

Thank you to the Cabot Scholarship Foundation for their hard work, dedication, and love for our students. Without your hard work this wouldn't be possible.

Here is a list of recipients!

Cabot Scholarship Foundation Winners


Cabot Scholarship Foundation 2022
Cabot Scholarship Foundation 2022 Cont.
Cabot Scholarship Foundation 2022 Cont.1
Cabot Scholarship Foundation 2022 Cont.2
Cabot Scholarship Foundation 2022 Cont.3

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