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September School Board Recognition 2023

October 18, 2023

At the September school board meeting, two amazing students and faculty members were recognized for their dedication and hard work in the district.

Student Spotlight:
Emma Jenkins - Stagecoach Elementary - 4th Grade

Emma Jenkins is a student at Stagecoach Elementary. Her principal, Carol Skiba, describes Emma as an outstanding, hard working, positive, and helpful fourth grader. Mrs. Skiba says "She is a huge help to us when loading buses at the end of the day. She always holds the hand of a little one to ensure they get on the right bus. She works hard and perseveres."

Emma started showing significant growth in the second grade. On her last NWEA MAP test she scored high growth and high achievement in both Literacy and Math. This means that she is excelling in reading and math at a level that is above most of her U.S. national peers! Mrs. Skiba says Emma deserves this recognition for all her hard work and the kindness she shows to her peers.

PLC Recognition (Professional Learning Communities):
Debbie Grimes - Stagecoach Elementary - 3rd Grade Teacher

Principal Carol Skiba describes  Debbie Grimes as an outstanding educator.  Mrs. Skiba says, "She has a wonderful rapport with students.  She works closely with parents to ensure students get the best learning experience. She is a leader in the PLC process and started on our Guiding Coalition and is now in year three. Mrs. Grimes has been through all the Solution Tree trainings and has been a champion for the process at Stagecoach Elementary. She has seen tremendous growth and has closed achievement gaps with students through this process."

Student Spotlight:
Caleb Ruspoli - Cabot Junior High North - 8th Grade

Caleb Ruspoli is in the eight grade at Cabot Junior High North. Principal Matt Sheets wanted to celebrate Caleb and his academic growth since he's been at CJHN. Caleb has increased his ACT scores and and is above the national average on three of the four tests. He has also shown tremendous growth on his NWEA MAP test scores as well and credits his teachers for his success. Caleb is also an aspiring band student and plays the clarinet.

PLC Recognition (Professional Learning Communities):
Kelly Howard - Cabot Junior High North - Academic Interventionist

Principal Matt Sheets was honored to recognize Kelly Howard, an Academic Interventionist at Cabot Junior High North. Ms. Howard has been in education for over two decades and has worked twenty years in the Cabot School District. She has been a special education teacher, a due process designee, and is now an academic interventionist. She is also the PLC coordinator for CJHN. Mr. Sheets says Ms. Howard is amazing in working with collaborative teams, teachers, and students and helping them be successful.

These amazing educators and students were each given a very special Cabot School Board "It's about KIDS" coin. We appreciate our students and staff for going above and beyond in and outside the classroom!

September School Board Recognition 2023

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